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Rui’an Kangertai Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. We are committed to the research and development as well as manufacturing of automobile modification products, and have established the “KET gauge” brand for automobile instrument modification. Currently, our brand has a high level of recognition worldwide, making us one of the few modification instrument manufacturers with both “product manufacturer” and “brand operator” identities. Our company has top-notch R&D technology and a one-stop R&D management process. In customized product development, each project has dedicated engineers for professional division of labor, which is a key element for a single window, cost integration, and time shortening. With the introduction of professional equipment, development concepts, designs, tests, and calibrations can all be carried out in a rigorous and objective way. We cooperate with major automobile modification brands and provide product development design or contract design services.



Seed Stage

During the initial stage of our company's establishment, the quality of auto gauge in the market was generally poor, with very high prices, and all products on the market were of Japanese brands. Therefore, we carried the dream of making Chinese manufacturing a reality and embarked on the production and manufacturing stage. At that time, we simply imitated Japanese and American brands and took the first step in producing auto gauges.

Early Stage

After six years of development, the company has begun to offer a variety of products, including digital and pointer-type instruments. The direction of replacing mechanical instruments with electrical instruments has been preliminarily determined due to the advantages of pricing and appearance, which has enabled the company to capture a significant portion of the customer base. However, the company still needs to engage in marketing and business development activities.

Growth Stage

After a few more years of development, more advanced stepper motors emerged in the market. Therefore, at this stage, we are committed to upgrading our older products by upgrading most of the air core mechanisms to stepper motors. This greatly improved the quality and lifespan of our products, and led to a significant increase in market share. Customers' satisfaction with the products also improved significantly as a result.

Mature Stage

Starting from this stage, the market is no longer satisfied with the response speed of ordinary stepper motors. The emergence of brushless motors has taken the technology of instruments to another new level. We began to upgrade all products, which made the company become a leading supplier in the market, with widely recognized products, stable market share, and optimized operations and management.

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