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Muscle EGT Gauge

  • Gauge Series: Muscle Gauge Series
  • Gauge Type: EGT gauge
  • Display Range: 200-1100℃
  • Face Color: Black
  • Lens Color: Clear
  • Size: 60mm
  • Sensor: electrical Boost sensor
  • Display: Analog

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This muscle series gauge is a 60mm gauge with white needle light. Its unique brushed panel design provides an extraordinary visual experience, while its metallic surface material gives it a modern feel without sacrificing uniform light transmission performance.


The pointer of this gauge is white, and it uses a brushless stepper motor inside. This new technology makes the pointer smoother and more accurate, and the operation is very responsive and smooth. The newly added alarm LED and PEAK LED can provide timely alarm, review and other functions at preset values.


The gauge also offers a color backlight with a variety of options, including white, green, yellow, red, purple, gold, blue, sky blue, and pink. With the option to set the instrument to either day or night mode, you can automatically switch between two different colors depending on the lighting conditions.


This series gauge allows you to adjust the brightness, which provides excellent visual comfort when driving at night without causing excessive brightness. It has different preset brightness values for both day and night, which can be adjusted according to your driving habits.

Why Do We Need A Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge?

An EGT gauge is an instrument that measures the temperature of the exhaust gases as they exit the engine. By monitoring the EGT, drivers can detect potential issues such as a clogged catalytic converter or a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, which can cause damage to the engine.Moreover, the EGT gauge can help optimize fuel efficiency by indicating when the engine is running too rich or too lean, allowing drivers to adjust their driving habits accordingly. Additionally, the EGT gauge is useful in performance tuning to ensure the engine is running at an optimal temperature for performance.Lastly, the EGT gauge can promote safety by alerting drivers to potential problems in the exhaust system that could pose a safety risk, such as a blocked exhaust pipe that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


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